Installation Process is Quick
and Simple

Virtual meeting with energy advisor 30 min

Virtual meeting with energy advisor 30 min

As a unique solar company, we provide the convenience of virtual or in-person consultations. Our experts assess your eligibility for tax incentives, estimate system costs, and calculate potential savings. Moreover, we offer a draft blueprint of your solar roof, allowing you to visualize the transformation.

Site visit in 45 min

After the initial consultation, we conduct a detailed on-site inspection of your roof and electrical to ensure that every installation is successful. Our comprehensive inspection process helps us identify potential issues before we begin the installation giving you peace of mind and minimizing delays or complications.

smooth permitting process for secure solar panel installation

Final design with efficiency in mind 48 hours

Every home is unique which is why our engineers will work closely with you to draft a final design taking into account your specific needs so that we can install the most efficient and optimized residential solar panel system for your home.

Ensure smooth permitting process for secure solar panel installation

Ensure smooth and secure permetting

We handle all the necessary paperwork to prepare a complete package for construction and electrical permits, as well as net energy metering to your utility company so that you stay compliant to your local city regulations.

Swift solar panel installation

Site visit in 45 min

Installing solar panels on roofs requires expertise and precision. Our skilled Solarblocks installers deliver top-notch workmanship, ensuring efficient installation. We prioritize safety, conducting thorough inspections to meet the highest standards. Trust us for a seamless and artful solar energy system installation.

Activate your solar panel system

Site visit in 45 min

Finally we will work with your municipality to obtain "permission to operate" so that you can start generating your own clean energy as soon as possible. Our Energy Expert will walk you through the final state to operate solar energy system and answer any questions you may have.