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Mark, New York

I recently had the pleasure of working with Solarblocks Energy for a solar installation, and I could not be happier with the entire experience.

Ariel, Long Island

Solarblocks has made renewable energy accessible and hassle-free. Their solar energy solutions exceeded my expectations. Not only am I saving money, but I'm also making a positive impact on the environment. Highly recommend.


Rewards of Installing Solar Panel

Enjoy the benefits of solar panel installation

Up to 100% offset in
electrical bill

Power your home appliances and charge your electric vehicle for absolutely free.

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Independently generate electricity With Our Solar System

generate electricity

Generate, store, and utilize your own electricity with our solar panel system for uninterrupted power supply

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Give your child
a green life

Solar energy reduces air and water pollution to create sustainable future

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Up to 100% offset in electrical bill

Get solar incentives
and tax savings

Take advantage of solar incentives and reduce your taxes for years to come

Sleek Look and Quality Installation

Enhance your aesthetics and ensure professional solar
panel installation

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No impact on your existing roof

No pilot holes to keep your roof safe

Aesthetic solar

All stylish and modern black panels

Ensure leak-free installation

Proprietary sealing process

Low Profile

Rail less system to
make it look clean


Withstand in harshest environment

rooftop with solar panels

Installation Process is Quick and Simple

Effortlessly install solar panels with our quick and
simplified installation process

Virtual meeting with energy advisor 30 min
Virtual meeting with
energy advisor 30 min
Our engineers will visit
the site in 45 min
smooth permitting process for secure solar panel installation
Final design of your roof with
efficiency in mind 48 hours
Ensure smooth permitting process for secure solar panel installation
Ensure smooth permitting process for secure solar panel installation
Swift solar panel installation
completed in just 10 hours
Activate your solar panel system
Activate your solar
panel system

Why Choose Us

Your trusted solar panel solution provider

Why Choose Solarblocks - Our Unique features

Solarblocks Guarantees

Reliable performance, longevity, and exceptional
customer support for your solar energy solution

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Covered for 25 years because we control quality

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Covered for 25 years because we work with top brands

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Dedicated energy expert

Energy expert for any question for the next 25 years.

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Monitoring App

Tracking energy app for the next 25 years

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We Help You to Qualify for Solar Incentives

Unlock solar incentives: let us help you qualify and
maximize your savings on Solar Energy

NOTE: Eligibility depends on location
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30% Icon

Tax Credit

25% Logo

Tax Credit

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Sales Tax

Branded Components

Embrace the power of solar energy with branded
components you can trust

All black aluminum

All black aluminum with highest

Microinventors with monitoring App

Microinventors with monitoring app to
track your energy production

Rail-free system with self-flashing capabilities

Rail-free system with self-flashing capabilities that
completely eliminate damages and leaks

Premium battery solution to store and use energy anytime

Premium battery solution to store
and use energy anytime

Battery Storage Solution

Uninterrupted power: secure your energy with our
efficient battery storage solution

We offer solar battery storage system integration into your residential solar panel system that will enable you to store and consume your generated solar energy at any time of the day.

Independently generate


Reduce your reliance on the grid


Power your house

Premium battery solution to store and use energy anytime

Solar Financing Made Easy

Own your system and take full advantage of solar incentives. Start saving right away. We provide you range of financial options to fit all of your needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions for clear and
comprehensive information on solar energy

How does net metering work?

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Net metering is a billing mechanism that gives you credit for the electricity your solar panel system is contributing to the grid. During daylight hours, your system will generally produce more energy than your home requires. As a result, the excess energy is transferred to the grid causing your electricity meter to run backwards. This acts as a credit against the excess electricity consumed at night or when your home’s usage exceeds the system’s output.

Can solar panel system cause damage to my roof or results in a leaks?

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Solarblocks employs a rail-free system with self-flashing capabilities that eliminate the need for pilot holes. Additionally, we have used a unique sealing process that effectively safeguards against water leaks thus reducing any potential damage to your roof, giving you the best roof design for solar panels.

How will solar panels affect the aesthetic look of my roof?

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Solarblocks places great importance on the look and quality of the installation. We use all-black top-tier solar panels to create a sleek and low-profile appearance that blends seamlessly with the roof. Our rail-less mounting system further enhances the aesthetic appeal by being barely visible from the ground. Solarblocks dedicates a substantial amount time and effort to create the best roof design for solar panels while also providing significant cost savings and enviromental benefits.

Do I need to install a solar battery storage system ?

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In New York state, batteries are not necessary for most residential solar panel systems. As long as you are connected to the grid, your system does not need a battery: excess power generated by the solar panels is sent back into the grid, while you can always draw from the grid when you need more electricity than your panels can generate. However, installing a solar battery storage system can help you further reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your energy costs. Our system is predesigned to accommodate any type of battery brands giving you the flexibility to install a complete solar panel system for house.

What do my savings look like with the residential solar panel system?

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The savings from a residential solar panel system depend on several factors, including the size of the system, the amount of sunlight available in your location, and the size of your roof. Here is an estimate for an average household in New York:  Electrical bill - $250/month, charging two electrical vehicles-$150/month, cooking stove - $100/month, heating and cooling - $200/month. Thus a Solarblocks solar panel system can help you save around $700/month, significantly reducing or even eliminating your monthly electricity bills, leading to considerable savings over time.